Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lili: Child of Geos
Developed by: BitMonster, Inc.
Published by: BitMonster, Inc.
Release Date: May, 9 2014 (Steam), November, 5 2013
Available on: Steam - Remastered (reviewed), iOS
You know those times when your school sends you out alone to an uncharted and potentially dangerous island in the middle of the ocean? Ya me neither! But that's what happens in Lili: Child of Geos. You take on the role of Lili a student at a prestigious vegi-magical school (I assume it's a school for magical vegetables but what do I know) who has been sent out to the mysterious island of Geos for a school project.

When Lili arrives on Geos she is surprised to meet the local inhabitants known as Constructs and their overlords the Spirits. The Constructs are fairly unfriendly, though not mean, to Lili when she first arrives on Geos. Shortly after arriving Lili is told to seek out a Construct called Trainer which sounds like a very odd title for a Construct. Upon talking to Trainer we learn that Lili came to this island to collect and research magical flowers. Trainer informs her that the magical flowers grow on the backs of Spirits and she will have to jump on their backs to pluck them. She also learns that the Constructs are slaves to the Spirits and have no freedom to live the way they want despite being given free will. 

Throughout your adventures on Geos you gain skills and new items to help you deal with the more pesky Spirits. At specific times during your adventure you are given a skill upgrade/training where you can increase one of your 3 traits (speed, stealth, grip). You will also gather coins and white flowers from pots, chests and defeated Spirits that can be used to buy items and outfits from the merchant. Items come in two forms, equipment that increases each of your stats permanently or consumables that give you a temporary effect. You get a speed boost from speed sandwiches, invisibility from invisibility potions and can stun spirits with bombs. Bombs also have a second purpose while on a Spirits back, bombs cause the Spirit to be stunned for a second and reset what is on it's back. This allows you to clear up some disastrous situations like a bunch of thorns or bombs. 

You are scored and awarded for defeating a Spirit based on how long it takes you to beat them as well as how much damage you take doing it. After you beat a Spirit it leaves the map to avoid it getting in the way of your quest for the other Spirit flowers. All is not lost though if you don't get a good score, you are able to retry immediately after beating them or at anytime from the menu.

With plenty of collectables hidden around the island, upgrades and outfits there is plenty to do after you beat the main objectives. The game actually encourages you to explore the island after beating it by returning you to the island after completion with the quest to explore the island on your own. With plenty of items, hats, outfits (namely recolors of Lilis outfit) and pets it really wants you to spend several extra hours in the game.

Lili Child of Geos is quite enjoyable and easy to play with minimal controls and no real surprises. It's also quite short clocking in at just under 4 hours with doing a few (but not all) side quests. Graphically it looks good and is a definite upgrade from the iOS version of the game. You have 4 graphic presets that leave you wondering what options have changed with some of them not changing much in the way of visuals or frame rate. Even on low the game still looks quite good, maybe even better if you don't care for the additional effects like motion blur. 

Lili: Child of Geos is a remastered port of the iOS game and it shows. Bit Monster did a great job of making a mobile designed game feel at home on the PC. Lili uses the standard WASD keys to move around with 1,2 and 3 for accessing items, the mouse to move the camera to look around and interact with Spirits, Constructs and objects. Camera controls feel a little bit like you're moving around in jello, they have just a slight input lag in them with a slight bit of mouse acceleration that made me feel a bit ill after about an hour of playing. Lack of key rebinding means that anyone who doesn't have a QWERTY keyboard will have a hard time.


  • Performance
  • Art style
  • Setting and story
  • jelly based controls
  • limited graphical options

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