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Nintendo say's no gay marriage in Tomodachi

Nintendo say's no gay marriage in Tomodachi

I want to start this by saying yes I am a White Heterosexual male between the ages of 30-40, as such I my perspective may be different than other. That said I support LGBT and feel that they have all the right to exist and ruin their life just like the rest of us and don't feel that skin pigment levels, genitals, sexual orientation, language or any of those other superficial things have any bearing on if you are a good person or hell even a person. All humans should be treated equally and when we finally meet some nice aliens then I would treat them the same. It's a person's actions that define who they are and what they are worth.
It recently came out that Nintendo's upcoming game Tomodachi is not going to allow for gay marriage or relationships. This has gotten a lot of negative press in the LGBT community that is completely justified. In today society this is unacceptable, Never should a group be purposely excluded from anything. In a social game that is marketed as an alternate world that allows people to create a digital you and have a virtual relationship including marriage preventing a well known aspect of the real world is unacceptable.
Recently Nintendo has released a statement regarding this (available here) stating "The relationship options in the game represent a playful alternate world rather than a real-life simulation. We hope that all of our fans will see that 'Tomodachi Life' was intended to be a whimsical and quirky game, and that we were absolutely not trying to provide social commentary."
This sounds more like damage control rather than a big FU to the LGBT community. Seems like they made a mistake and now have to decide what side of the war they want yelling at them. The LGBT community usually is very vocal but less hating than the anti-LGBT folk (not sure what to call them). LGBT tend to use logic and sound reasoning to get their point across. The anti-Gay folk tend to yell and scream, use death threats and other very negative and hurtful methods to get their point across. If I made a mistake like that and those were my options I (and I'm sure most people) would pick the one that causes less emotional stress. If both sides presented their arguments the same way (pick one really doesn't matter) then I'm sure the decision would have come down to pure size of the group and perceived sales alone.
This is unfortunate and bottom line is they should have had the option in and just been silent about it and then no one would care as the haters would probably never know and the LGBT would have the option. Yes I know that some haters would find out but they would be much smaller that Nintendo jumping up and down saying "HEY HEY WE DID SOMETHING YOUR GOING TO HATE SOME SEND US DEATH THREATS". No one wants to be hated on ever let alone have death threats even if they are empty, it causes unneeded stress and can affect you emotionally. I hope Nintendo does decide to take a stand and support all people but I won't fillet them for this.
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