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Factorio (Available at
Factorio is a top down survival factory builder sandbox adventure game that takes place on an alien planet. You spend your time collecting resources to build automated factories to gather and process your resources so that you can prepare this planet for the colonists that are coming.
Factorio is currently still in Alpha development stage, they have opted to release it in alpha at a lower price point than the final release will be. Currently you are able to get Factorio for $13USD this gives you access to the Alpha and all future updates. They have 3 pricing tiers for the alpha that match there indiegogo campaign with different rewards associated with them.
There are 3 play modes in Factorio at the start as well as a map editor to make your own custom campaign. In campaign mode you are able to play the premade campaigns as well as the custom made campaigns available to higher tier supporters. New game where you start off with a minimum of items and have to gather your resources do research and prepare for the eventual colonisation of the planet. Finally there is the Custom Scenario where you can play your custom made map as well as those from other users via there forum.
One of the highly sot after features of games recently is mod support. Factorio delivers this right out of the gate with an integrated mod loader and modding API. The forum already has several mods on it that add to the game or change some features. One of the mods that I have checked out is by forum user rk84 and is called “Test mode”. Test mode basically adds creative mode, you get a menu that allows you to change many options of the game and spawn in items at your leisure. This ability for others to add their own content is a huge bonus as we have seen with other games since it adds so much extra life to the game.
Check out my spotlight on Factorio on YouTube.

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